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We are pleased to invite you to attend an impressive digital journey on November 21st.

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Everyone talks about digitalization, but what does this key word actually mean?

Our lives have become increasingly more digital and we are witnessing a technological revolution, a historical era.

We are inviting you to gain specific insight: on November 21st in collaboration with numerous large companies and recognized organizations, as well as innovative regions we will show the citizens of Switzerland what the specific meaning of digitalization is.

Digitalization is exciting but scary as well. The digital day event takes people and their concerns seriously. It will also demonstrate the incredible opportunities digitalization will offer our country and its citizens. Digitalization has great potential to simplify life and handle numerous big pending challenges more efficiently.

The Digital Day is organized in a decentralized manner, we will bring it to you: at railway stations, at the branches of our partners and other locations.

November 21st will let you experience digital development hands-on. We at Digital Switzerland, the great Swiss digital platform, are looking forward to seeing you.

Verena Vonarburg,
Project Management, Digital Day Switzerland


All important information regarding the Digital Day is available here.

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How does digitalization change our lives?”

What opportunities will the digital revolution provide for me?

Wow can Switzerland be on top of the digital world?